Is the Czech Republic now called Czechia?

The Czech Republic is one of the youngest countries in the world. It used to be Czechoslovakia before becoming the Czech Republic in 1993. 26 years later in 2016, it wants to become Czechia. This change would cut its name length by 50%. Think of all the ink savings.

The government approved the name ‘Czechia’ (pronounced: Check-i-a) as the official short name of the country. The change makes the name easier to brand worldwide. The flag will remain unchanged.

However this doesn’t mean that the printing presses will be on overdrive to ink the new name on every piece of paper. Instead Czechia is to be used as interchangeable name co-exists alongside ‘Czech Republic’. You can use either.

Like all change, the new name will take a bit of getting used to. No doubt it will be confused with Chechnya or Crimea. But as the name starts to roll off the tongue more easily it will surely become the preferred calling name of the country.

And that means that over time it will become the official name of the country.

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David Moloney


David is the creator of Maphover, the interactive world map. David is a father of two, rides a red scooter, loves cordless drills and plays tagpro online.