My childhood in every country

We live in a diverse world. Our cultures and environment shape us into who we are. And as technology makes our world smaller, we learn that even though we have different childhoods – we all share the same joy, fears and hopes.

I reached out to people from across the world to see how childhood was in their country.


“My first memory is a stroll on a boat, on a lake, with my parents.”Chaï, France
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“Bread with olive oil and mint tea. This meal is a must for a Moroccan.”Mahmood, Morocco
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“My mother showed me a cartoon and I started to learn English”Arsen, Russia
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“My mom gave me toy cars as a treat that had “Coca Cola” on them.”Jamil, Honduras
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“I grew up in a strange reality where malls were kind of dangerous.”Hilla, Israel
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“When I grew up, I wanted to be a police officer.”Frank, Belgium
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“I loved to read books about mythology, also loved Agatha Christie novels.”Magdalena, Croatia
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“Even the kids who basically never read anything, read Harry Potter.”Luke, England
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“I was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. It took years to conquer my fear of animals”Angelica, USA
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