How to remember the direction of latitude and longitude

As I’ve mentioned, I was a late to learn world geography. Each time I came across the terms latitude or longitude – I could never remember which one was east-west and which one was north-south. The best way to remember involves a ladder and a hotdog.


How to remember latitude
Think of latitude as ‘ladder-tude’ – as it sounds so similar. Ladders are used to step up and down – top to bottom. And that’s what latitude lines are: top to bottom – north to south.
How to remember longitude
Think of longitude as a looong hotdog.┬áThe best way to hold a long hotdog bun is horizontally. If you held it vertically, the sausage and sauce would fall to the ground. Therefore long(hot dog)tude is side to side – east to west.
Remember your ladders and long hotdogs
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